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Document Archive

This document archive contains JPEG-format images scanned from a small personal collection, and well as several OCR-scanned pages. Each JPEG section presents thumbnail images of a complete document. Clicking on a thumbnail image will bring up a larger version of the same image, and images with interesting photographs will usually have a large version available by clicking again on the image.

[Geniac] Geniac (1955)
[Handheld Mechanical Calculators] Handheld Mechanical Calculators
[HP Series 80 Configuration Guide] HP Series 80 Configuration Guide (1981)
HP-83A HP-85A and HP-85 Accessories
[IBM 5100 Portable Computer] IBM 5100 Portable Computer (1975)
[IBM 5110 / 5120 Computer] IBM 5110 / IBM 5120 Computer (1977-1978)
[IBM Card Programmed Calculator (CPC)] IBM Card Programmed Calculator / CPC (1949)
[IBM Punched Card Accounting Machines] IBM Punched Card Accounting Machines (1955)
[IBM Punched Card Data Processing Principles] IBM Punched Card Data Processing Principles (1961)
[Reeves REAC 400 Analog Computers] Reeves REAC 400 Analog Computers (1957)
[Standards Electronic Automatic Computer (SEAC)] Standards Electronic Automatic Computer / SEAC (1950)
[Systron-Donner Analog Computers] Systron Donner Analog Computers (July 1966)
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