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[Collections]   Collections and Museums
    A searchable list of computer and calculator collections and museums. Includes links to both public and private collections. A treasure trove of collectible calculating machine information!
[Document Archive] Document Archive
    A collection of high-resolution JPG images of old computer and calculator related manuals, diagrams, brochures and other documents.
The archive currently contains information on the following subjects:
  • Documents included with Geniac - A 1950's era "electric brain" construction kit, consisting of seven books and pamphlets, 400 parts and components, and all materials for an experimental computer lab. Advertised as a "complete course in computer fundamentals."
  • Operating manuals for various handheld mechanical calculators, including the Addiator, Addometer, Baby Calculator, Golden Gem, Kalkometer and Tom Thumb
  • Sales brochure for Hewlett-Packard Series 80 Computers - The HP85 and HP86
  • Documents and photos of IBM's early punched card machines - including collators, sorters, and punches
  • Sales brochures for Tube-based analog computers by Reeves and Systron Donner
  • Operating manuals for IBM 5100 and 5110 desktop computers.

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