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Collections - Museums - Historical Information
1980s Vintage Computers - John Shadbolt
American Computer Museum
Analog Computer Museum - Dr Michael Pearson
Analog Computer Museum and History Center - Doug Coward
Analog Computer Museum - Dr Bernd Ulmann
Archaic Computer Gallery
Archaic Computer Museum - Brian Crosthwaite
Belgian Microcomputer Museum
Bill von Hagen
Blinkenlights Archaeological Institute - Doug Salot
Bolo's Computer Museum
Calculating Machines - Erez Kaplan
Calculator Manuals - Katherine Wasserman
Calculator Reference - Rick Furr
Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum - Carl Friend
Collecting and Maintaining Old Computers - Bernd Ulmann
Columbia University Computing History - Frank da Cruz
Computer 50 - Brian Napper
Computer Closet - K.C.
Computer Collector Archive - Igor Stravinsky
Computer History Collection - Smithsonian
Computer History Museum
Computer Museum - Robert Barnes
Computer Museum - Universiteit van Amersterdam
Computermuseum der Fakultät Informatik - Universität Stuttgart
Computing at Chilton: 1961-2003 - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
DigiBarn - Bruce Damer
Donovan Marshalls Computer Collection - Donovan Marshall
Electronic Calculator History - Alex Knight
Freeman PC Museum - Dave Freeman
FWT UNESCO Computer Museum
Gentry Collection - Megan Gentry
Heinz Nixdorf Museum
Historic Computer Images - Mike Muuss
History Of Computing - Donald Good
History of Computing - Jan Lee
History of Computing Information - Mike Muuss
Hogia PC Museum
Home Computer Hall of Fame - Chris Stratford
Home Computer Museum - Kerstin and Stefan
IBM Archives - IBM
Jefferson Computer Museum - John J. Foust
Jeff's Classic Computer Haven - Jeff Hellige
Kevan's Computer Bits - Kevan Heydon
Mathematisches Maschinen-Museum
Mechanical Calculating Equipment - W.-G. Bluemich
Mind Machine Web Museume - Hal A. Layer
Le Musée d'Histoire Informatique - Philippe Dubois
Museo de Los 8/16 Bits - Miguel Duran Una
Museum of Soviet Calculators - Andrew Davie
Museum of Information Technology at Arlington - Gil Carrick
National Museum of Computing
Obsolete Computer Museum - Tom Carlson
Old Calculator Museum - Rick Bensene
Old Computer Museum - Boris Serebrennikov
old-computers.com - Schembri/Bizoirre/Boisseau
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection - Paul Pierce
Personal Computer Museum - Syd Bolton
RCS/RI Collection - Dave Fischer
Reale-Rydell Computer Museum - Reale-Rydell
Retro-Computing Shack - John Teehan
Retrocomputing - Eric Smith
Retrocomputing Museum - Eric S. Raymond/John Cowan
The Rice University Computer - Adam Justin Thornton
Russian Virtual Computer Museum - Eduard Proydakov
San Diego Computer Museum
Soviet Calculators Collection - Sergei Frolov
Stefan's Old Computer Stuff - Stefan Mansier
System Source Computer Museum
Trailing Edge - David Williams
Uncle Rogers Classic Computers - Roger Sinasohn
University of Virginia Computer Museum
Vintage Calculators - James Redin
Vintage Calculators Web Museum - Nigel Tout
Vintage Computer Collection - Eric S. Klein
Vintage Computers and Terminals - Brian M. O'Connell
Virtual Museum of Computing - Jonathan Bowen

Specific Small Machines
Amiga History Guide - Gareth Knight
Apple II and Cousins
Apple II History - Steven Weyhrich
Commodore 8-bit Server - Marko Mäkelä
Commodore Gallery - Bo Zimmerman
Comp.Sys.Acorn Frequently Asked Questions - Paul Vigay
Comp.Sys.Atari.8bit Frequently Asked Questions - Michael Current
Comp.Sys.Palmtops HP-100LX Frequently Asked Questions - Richard Cochran
Biography of a Machine - Comptometer - Brooke W. Boering
Compukit UK101 Page - Ian McLaughlin
DIGI COMP-1 Gallery - Cynthia & Hugh
DIGI COMP-1 Version 2.0 Kit - Tim Walker
Geniac Notes - Noah Spurrier
GRiD Rugged/Tempest Laptops - Rob Borsari
HP Series 80 Computers - Eric Bal
Hewlett Packard HP-85 - John Shadbolt
Macintosh Museum
Museum of HP Calculators - David G. Hicks
Official IMSAI Home Page - Thomas Fischer
Old HP and TI Calculators - Gene Wright
Planet Sinclair - Chris Owen
Sinclair QL homepage - Robert Klein
TRS-80 Revived - Ira Goldklang

Specific Large Machines
Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) - Ames Laboratory, ISU
BESM-6 Nostalgia Page - Leonid A. Broukhis
BINAC - Roger Mills
Burroughs Corporation Collection - Charles Babbage Institute
Colossus - Its Purpose and Operation - Tony Sale
Cray-Cyber.org - Seymour Cray, Control Data Corporation, and Cray Research, Inc.
EDSAC Simulator - Martin Campbell-Kelly
ENIAC Museum Online - Univertisity of Pennsylvania
Harvard Mark I (IBM ASCC) - Columbia University
History of Bull
HP 2100 Archives - Jeff Moffatt
IBM 1130 - Bob Ribokas
IBM 1130 - Howard Shubs
KA-10 - Dan Murphy
PDP-1 - Gordon Greene
PDP-8 - Doug Jones
PDP-10 Page - Joe Smith
Sage (AN/FSQ-7, AN/FSQ-8) - Ed Thelen
Sage - On Guard! The Story of SAGE (Movie) - Internet Archive
Totalisator History - Brian Conlon
Unisys History Newsletter - George Gray
UNIVAC Memories - John Walker
Z3 - TU-Berlin

Vintage Computer Collecting

Other Related sites
www.6502.org - Mike Naberezny

Antique Computer
Club 100
D'Antiques Ltd. - Dan Dotson and Marilyn Saul
Vintage Computer Festival
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